Chambres d'Hôtes B&B, Les Fraysses, Cahors, France
Language and Cultural Immersion

Our Language Immersions

Dive into French with us!

Experience a week of immersive learning led by Emmanuel and Anna, certified "Neurolanguage Coaches"®.

(registered US and European trademark in the name of Rachel Marie Paling)

Unlock language skills, gain confidence, and achieve your goals – all in a dynamic and engaging environment!

French Immersion

For our international customers : we partner with SLImmersions.  SLImmersions is a partner network of language teachers & coaches offering homestays in France.

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During Your French Immersion Experience

We learn best when we interact and experience things first-hand.

Come ... play, cook, share meals, visit local sites, shop in the outdoor markets, walk through the French countryside, and experience the French "art de vivre" with us, your hosts.

Boost your French with individualized coaching sessions ... at your rhythm and tuned to your way of learning.

Visit local

historical & cultural sites

with your hosts


wine tasting

at local vineyards or

at your host's home

Shop at

local markets and shops

Benefit from

individual coaching

focused on making the language links to boost your French!

French Coaching

Not ready to fully immerse yourself but eager to enhance your French skills?

Explore our online and in-person language coaching.

This isn't your ordinary classroom French.

We integrate coaching techniques and insights from neuroscience to ensure you learn in a "brain-friendly way"!